Interview with GORGOROTH

Here's a True Norwegian black metal band,that needs no introduction. Their 10th full length album-Instinctus Bestialis is in the making,with a single festival apperence this year. We caught up with Boddel aka Frank Watkins,Bassist to know the latest updates from them.

Boddel/Frank Watkins,Bass

Hails Frank,thanks for the time!
Lets start of with :
M-NE: Gorgoroth's next album is in the making,Everyone is anxious for the album,how's the process going on? any scheduled dates for the release?

F: Everything is coming along perfectly! The new album is titled Instinctus Beastialis. This is going to be one Hell of a record. We are looking to have Instinctus Beastialis released by Early 2014.

M-NE: UTSOH 2011 was released with a mixed critical response from fans/journalists. Which one do you like more UTSOH '97 or UTSOH 2011? Why didn't you join in the recording process of it?

F: It was something Infernus really wanted to recreate. I think it came out phenomenal! The precise production really gives a whole other effect and feel to the record. I will always love the classic 1997 version of course as music is really just that a moment or period in time. I love both versions! I didn't play on this re,-recoding because Infernus wanted to play all stringed instruments just as he did on the original UTSOH 97. I have to say he is a really good bassist as well!

M-NE: What led to your departure from the death metal giants-OBITUARY? Apart from GORGOROTH,any other bands you are in?

F: We could not agree on certain business situations and this led to my permanent departure. I only play with Gorgoroth now but have several projects in the works that will arise when the time is right.

M-NE: Other than being a musician,do you or other members of GORGOROTH have any side-jobs/business etc. ? What do you do for a living? Cause not all music doesn't pay much i think,money-wise.

F: Jobs?? Hehehe We do what must be done to survive but for the most part we like to create blasphemous music, watch spacey people on internet, worship Satan, and uh desecrate graves!

M-NE: GORGOROTH has been known as a satanic black metal band-worldwide,it will be always remembered as the most feared and brutal band ever,the legends of : true norwegian black metal. Since it focuses especially on SATANISM,what are your religious views ? Are you-yourself a Satanist/what do you follow?

F: !!!SATAN!!!

M-NE: How was Hammer Open Air,2013? I was amazed to see the Old 2009-10 live line-up,since you joined them live after 2-3years,why were you absent in between?

F: I had a very personal life threatening situation I needed to deal with and was unable to help Gorgoroth spray their Satanic over these countries they visited.

M-NE: Gorgoroth is known to have a number of line-up changes,every year we see different session members. Is there no stable live line-up of GORGOROTH? Your views on that.

F: It is Gorgoroth! It's what the band always was. Different members different albums different people playing live session players etc this has been going on since 1992 . Infernus and I have a very close connection and I am The BASS player and full time member of Gorgoroth since 2007. Whether or not I am or not playing a show or a recording Im still 100% a full time member of Gorgoroth.

M-NE: Which period of GORGOROTH do you like more? The Hat-Goat pervertor Era? Pest-Era? Gaahl-King Era or the present era of GORGOROTH?

F: What we are doing now Høest, Bøddel, Infernus Vyl, Skygen
Live at San Jose,Costa Rica-2012

M-NE: If given an option to choose only one: which vocalist. is your personal favourite for GORGOROTH? HAT,PEST,GAAHL,HOEST or ATTERIGNER. Pls reflect only one.

F: Hoest!! He's a genius. Listen to his band Taake. Fucking incredible

M-NE: Which member is most close to you personally,both present and ex-membeers
Pest Live-2010-11

F: Infernus /Pest

M-NE: During jam-sessions,where does GORGOROTH rehearse? What do you do in your free-time?

F: We never rehearse. There is no free time too busy creating blasphemous music, watching spacey people on YouTube, worshiping Satan, and uh desecrate graves

M-NE: Any further live performances planned this year for GORGOROTH?

F: Nothing this year just recording Instinctus Bestialis.

The final words are yours Frank!

Hail Satan!!!

Fuck off!!!

Frank Bøddel Watkins

We thank Infernus for showing immense support to us and Frank for doing this interview. Long live-Always Support-Respect.

Complete line-up of GORGOROTH:
Tomas Asklund-Drums-Studio
Guh Lu-Bass-Live

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